What does it cost to hire professionals?

All auctioneers talk fast, so what is the difference, right?
Are all doctors the same?
What about hair stylists?
Do we have your attention?

If you really want just any auctioneer give us a call and we will be happy to give you the names of several who will pull on a cowboy hat, show up, and work for a free dinner. Legacy Auction clients understand the single biggest objective of a fundraising event should not be handed to a volunteer or non-professional.

In nonprofit fundraising, results matter.

Nonprofits run on fundraising. Planned giving, corporate sponsorship and business funds, major gifts, grants and special events are some of the tools nonprofits use. Special events, like fundraising galas, require exceptional planning, timing and execution to produce exceptional results. First time events can be “events to remember” or “events to forget” and can make or break future opportunities. Annual events can quickly become stale and repetitive without fresh ideas, new twists, and high impact entertainment value for patrons. Experienced development directors understand the value of hiring a professional fundraiser to guide them through the design and execution of special events. Professional benefit auctioneers pursue special training and have developed a unique skill set and knowledge base worth investing in.

The image of the nonprofit.

While it is a temporary role, the auction team becomes the organization’s frontline fundraiser during an event. It is crucial that the auction team understand the importance of sharing a passion for the mission or cause. Entertaining, well-timed, enjoyable events cast a good light on the nonprofit. The opposite is also true. The choice of an auction team can make or break action. Choose wisely. Planning and executing a special event takes a lot of work, so why gamble with the outcome? Sure, plenty of auctioneers (volunteer or otherwise) can stand up there and go through the motions. If that’s all you are looking for, call now for our list of volunteer auctioneers. If you are still curious about the difference a professional can make, please read on.

The professional difference.

Here is a little free nugget. When consulting with organizations about fundraising events we always share what we call the 3 R’s. What is the purpose of any fundraising event?

The 3 R’s

Raising money
Raising awareness
Building Relationships

We are professionals and promise to never lose sight of these three objectives. Fundraising is all about telling a story and building relationships. We want to close every event knowing we have addressed the 3 R’s.

The Event

Our “Show Up And Sell” is different, because we begin long before the day of the event. Through repetition and experience we know what works and what does not work at fundraising galas. We understand the importance of time and momentum so our basic package of service includes a minute by minute show flow prepared days in advance and coordinated with your auction chair or event planner. On the big day, we arrive before the doors open for a sound check and event walk through. From start to finish, Kevin and Lenny will entertain your guests while we…

  • Meet with your organization to discuss goals and recommend direction
  • Conduct telephone conference call before the event to help with final details
  • Prepare a minute by minute show flow for the event that builds momentum and energy
  • Emcee the entire event
  • Promote the silent auction and any special activities
  • Perform the live auction
  • Set up and present a special appeal, sometimes called paddle call of fund-a-need

Legacy Auction takes great pride in delivering revenue growth coupled with entertaining, momentum driven events. The cost of these services is a flat fee, depending on seasonal demand and travel requirements.

Most of our clients recognize the value and benefit of the many additional services we provide. Consider the following optional ways to maximize your fundraising potential.

The Event Plus

Professional bid assistants are in greater demand than professional auctioneers. Good auctioneers can “spot the bids” but a professional bid assistant can generate bids. Using hand signals and vocal cues, professional bid assistants and auctioneers communicate to maximize the return on every live auction item. Many bid assistants are also auctioneers, offering a layer of backup and adding interesting flexibility and opportunity for spontaneity. Legacy Auction Professionals also offers trained bid assistants with special skills, particularly broadcast journalists, who can greatly enhance the entertainment value of the event because of their notoriety and talent. When only the best will do, Legacy Auction can bring in a team with world class credentials. These all-star bid assistants routinely work high profile auctions and can be seen on TV helping auctioneers draw in millions of dollars. The cost/return ratio on professional bid assistants can exceed 10:1.

Advanced Support

Is your event on life support? Has your event reached a plateau? Are you ready to start but don’t know where to begin? Is your board unwilling to help with fundraising? Legacy Auction can help. We can tailor our assistance to satisfy your needs. We offer a full range of consultation services including board training, audience development, custom tailored task lists and time lines, auction item procurement, developing a donor database, and whatever is necessary to help you maximize your fundraising potential. Legacy Auction Professionals has a proven record of generating increase with our clients, many doubling their return in the first year. We do 50+ events every year and can certainly help you with yours.

So, what does it cost to hire a professional? The question you should be asking is, “What does it cost to hire an amateur.”


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