Nonprofit organizations provide a vital
service to those they serve.

One great challenge is that it takes money to perform and most organizations need assistance in this area.

Legacy was created to stand in the gap, integrating our fundraising and development expertise with the unique capabilities and structure that exist in any organization. We lay the foundation upon which nonprofits can build solid and sustainable financial resources.

Kevin and Lenny stay current with leading edge education and training and have earned the Benefit Auctioneer Specialist designation from the National Auctioneers Association, held by fewer than 200 auctioneers nationwide.

Lenny Mullin

Since his early years pursuing a degree in Communications, recording professional voiceovers, and serving as a radio DJ, Lenny has found himself behind the microphone. His rich baritone voice and commanding presence moved him quickly to the stage where he has served as a professional emcee for many premier events in the Kansas City Area and around the country.

Lenny loved attending auctions with his father and never dreamed he would one day be engaged in raising millions of dollars for organizations through fundraising auction events. He has earned the designation of Benefit Auction Specialist through the National Auctioneers Association and was crowned the 2015 Kansas Auctioneer Champion.

Lenny’s unique combination of voice talent, auctioneering, and fundraising experience inspires the generosity of donors at every level.

Kevin Borger

Kevin was only eleven years old when he worked his first auction, assisting a country auctioneer in Iowa. Before long he was doing the bid calling while the old auctioneer watched his young protege, wondering how far Kevin’s talent would take him. In 2009, Kevin’s talent took him to the top, winning the National Auctioneers Association’s International Auctioneer Championship.

The son of a minister, Kevin answered a call to ministry after college. His roles in ministry ranged from church pastor to Director of Church Relations for a Christian university. Kevin is confident and professional in front of any size gathering, with a quick wit and clear voice.

Kevin’s most dominant personality trait is his compassion for others. His compassion frames his consultation meetings with Legacy clients and flows from him, touching patrons at every Legacy fundraising event.

Skillful at raising the level of energy and excitement in the room; a key to raising the level of generosity of donors, Kevin has raised millions of dollars for non-profit organizations. One of the most versatile and respected auctioneers in the world, Kevin’s talents, gifts, and experience combine to make him a highly accomplished fundraising professional.

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