I recently had the opportunity to attend an open house hosted by one of the organizations Legacy serves. What a memorable evening! As I went from room to room, I experienced first-hand the amazing ways the organization was making a difference in the lives of young men and women. We had helped this organization raise thousands of dollars, and it was refreshing to see the funds at work in the community.

It wasn’t long before one of the directors approached me with a smile and asked if I wanted to take a tour. “Absolutely!,” I told her.

As we walked together, I commented on the fun artwork and noticed creatively designed accent pieces that seemed to transform a one-hundred-year-old building into a beautiful villa of hope.

As our tour was ending, I glanced at my watch and realized that what had seemed like a ten-minute tour had turned into almost an hour–long journey. And then it dawned on me that each piece of art I had seen and commented on represented someone’s story. With passion and sometimes with tears, at each piece of artwork, the director would share the transformation that had taken place in the life of the artist. Wow!

I now realize that it probably wasn’t the actual artwork that had brought that old building to life, but it was the vision which was cast of a bright future for the rising generation through the power of a story.

As I left the building that night, I was handed a pencil drawing from one of the students… Now I own a piece of the story.

Effective nonprofit fundraising efforts help donors own part of the story. Need help getting there?


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